2017 | ABC Wednesday round 21

21 ~ Orchid

18 oktober 2017

Hey there and good morning/afternoon/evening,

This week I choose to share something else then what I normally do, what are animals.
For this week I choose Orchids.
Orchids come in all different colours and forms.
They are my favorite flower to take photo’s from.
So yeah, I always up having a lot of photos.

Fun Fact: In Holland we call them: Orchidee.
Have a lovely ABC Wednesday!

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  1. Orchids are my second favorite flowers (roses are the first). Came to your old blog first and saw you were from Assen. I’m Dutch, and we have friends in Assen. My brother lives in Veendam, not far from there. Whenever we can we visit friends and family in Nederland. We’ve lived now so long in the States that it’s a lot faster to write in English – hope you don’t mind:) Great to meet you this way!

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