2017 | ABC Wednesday round 21

21- Anteater

12 juli 2017

Good morning/evening everyone. Let’s start by introducing myself.
My name is Daphne and I’m 24 years old.
It’s been awhile for me since I last participated on ABC Wednesday.
Maybe some of you may remember me.
Starting from round 21, I’ll be helping Melody and she has put me in the team of ABC Wednesday.
It’s completely a new thing for me but I’m really looking forward knowing you all.
English is not my main language, so excuse me for when my writing has typo’s.

I mostly blog about the photo’s I’m taking with my camera.
Since I visit quite a few Zoo’s over the year, I love to share photo’s of animals I’ve token.
That’s how I’ll be taking part this round of letters.
For the letter A, I choose an Anteater.
(Fun fact: in Holland it’s called a Miereneter.)



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